Samsung PN50B550 50 Inch HDTV Plasma Television

Introduction I got a accidental to review Samsung PN50B550, which is the most recent in the range of 50 inches Plasma Television. I won’t say that this one is the best Plasma Television I’ve ever come across, but this is absolutely a good TV. This is TV is high on behavior but compared to that, the price is fully low, which makes it perfectly suitable for automatic use. It has folks rare qualities that can amuse the automatic users as well as the afire critics of High Definition television.

Features The screen size of this TV is absolutely huge and it features some high qualities of standard plasma televisions; here are some of folks BASIC features. The fulcrum base, it might seem a accessible feature but you will assuredly get habitual to it. You will feel the fabled of fulcrum base, specifically throughout the daytime when you are watching television; the appreciable glare is much less. My family antecedents says that, the glare is much lower than any added models.

Test of heat is basic as many Plasma TVs get very hot following administration for sometime. Samsung PN50B550 uses certain Green feature that resists to get overheated following continuous run for some time. I am very afraid of the heat that some Plasmas generate and accordingly PN50B550 is a welcome affect to me. Remote administrate is fully friendly and it comes with bountiful options and controls. It also features the aptitude of auto code acknowledgment that is well matched with DVD players or Audio systems.

Performance Picture ambiance on this TV is superb. HDTV viewing is crisp and vibrant; and flag are rich and believable. longboards . Blacks are black and whites are simply white; you can’t ask for much more in color clarity. Response times and fortify rates for the PN50B550 are choice and capture the best ever act description´s flawlessly. There are only a few plasma TVs that offer similar performance; and all of them cost MUCH more than the PN50B550.

Conclusion Samsung PN50B550 shows the perfect combination brilliant features and reasonable price. Whether you want a Plasma TV of superior ambiance or concerned about value, Samsung PN50B550 fits to the bill perfectly.

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